Vinsæll Kanto kjóll frá Papu Design. Log pile munstur í brúnu og hvítu. 

95% lífrænn bómull

5% elastan

White sand colored long sleeved women's jersey Kanto dress, with brown "Log Pile" all-over-print. Made from soft and elastic organic cotton. Normal/tight fit from the sleeves and top, volume on the hip area and small pockets on the side seams. 

• Made from organic cotton
• Made in Finland

Materials: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane

Wash: 40°C
Ironing: two dots or 150°C

- This product should be washed inside out. 
- Bleach should not be used to preserve the colours of the print. 
- Tumble dry not recommended. Shape while wet.
- Shrinks in the wash max 5%

The AW18 collection is inspired by the forests of the world. Even though each tree is unique, and the forests around the world are different, they can be seen an entity, that is essential for us humans. What stories would the trees tell if they had a mutual language? Maybe all trees are connected to each other? From these thoughts came the name of the collection: ”Together”.

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