Barna siðerma ullar undirbolur, svartur

6.490 kr

Svartur undirbolur úr 100% merino ull. 

Merino ullin er 100% lífræn.

Einstaklega mjúk viðkomu og yljar mátulega mikið.

Handþvott eða 30°C í ullarprogram í þvottavél. 


Undershirt 100 % organic merino wool, long sleeve. 

Colour: black 

Sizes: 100-130 cm 

Ruskovilla silk wool garments are made from a blend of soft wool 70% and pure natural silk 30%. Silk wool garments combine the best characteristics of both these natural fibres, they are warm and they feel wonderfully soft next to the skin. 

Wool is self-cleaning: it reacts with oxygen in the air and neutralizes skin excretions.

Frequent airing reduces the need to wash your garment.

Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water.

You can also wash your wool garment with a hand-wash program at 30 °C in a washing machine. 

Shape the garment whilst damp. The garment shrinks a little in the first wash. Protect wool against moths and beetles.

When not in daily use, store it in a sealed plastic bag. The product bag is good for storage. 

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